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  • It consists of Windows client and server applications.
  • Support up to 10 members and 10 projects. No time constraint.
  • To upgrade to Teampel Enterprise, contact us and purcahse a license file.
  • You can contact us to get a free online trial without having to install anything.
How to install Teampel?

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Step 1: Install Teampel Free

Welcome to the installation guide of Teampel Free! Your download should have started automatically. If nothing happens,click here to download manually.

Welcome to Teampel installation guide! If you have yet to downloaded the installation file, go get it here: Teampel Free .

During installation, you will be asked to install Teampel Client or Server.
Install Teampel Server on the computer that you want to use as server, and Teampel Client on users’ computers. Alternatively,
you may install both Teampel Server and Client on the same computer for one-man testing.

Install Teampel Server

(This will not show if you chose to install Teampel Client only)

Teampel Server installation complete

Remember to allow Teampel communicate through Windows Firewall.

Install Teampel Client

(This will not show if you chose to install Teampel Server only)

Teampel Client installation complete

Installed. Next Step

What does Teampel mean anyway? Look at “team” and “pel” separately.
We took pel from the word “propel,” making Teampel a force to drive your team forward!

Step 2: Teampel Server Setup

After Teampel is installed, the next thing to do is to configure Server and let users join the network. For more information, see our online help file.

You will see 4 apps on your desktop. Please double-click “Teampel Server Manager” to open with a browser and click “Yes” in the pop-up dialog box. You will then be taken to the login interface.

Enter the default password “admin” and click “Sign In”. Remember to change the password after sign-in to protect your information security.

Once signed in successfully, you will be brought to the main page of Teampel Management System, which lists the basic information on the current Teampel version. Please note down “Server address” so that you can share it with teammates later. If you have bought a license, click the “Import license” button to start importing.

Let’s head for “Organization” to build your team from scratch (or sync with your Active Directory)! First, click “Add division” to create a new division and decide its position in your corporate structure. You may repeat this step to create multiple divisions.

Next, user profiles. Click “Add member” and fill the required blank fields in the pop-up box, such as account, division and password. When complete, click the “Save and add” button.

After you’ve created the accounts, it’s about time to open the door! Click the button below to continue.

Previous Setup done. Continue

Got problems? Contact us and get help from our support team!

Step 3: Let Users Join Teampel

You are not far away from having your own private cloud! Install Teampel Client on the user’s desktop, laptop or mobile device. Enter server IP address, port number and the account/password that you just have set up for them. Lastly, sign in and let Teampel do its magic.

You must have set up at least one account in the previous step.
Now, please send the server’s IP address (shown at the bottom of Mainpage) and accounts/passwords to the teammates.

Open Teampel Client on your PC or mobile device.

Enter the IP address and port number (35000 by default). Enter account and password. Click the “Sign In” button.

Congratulations! You should have connected to your Teampel network. To learn more about Teampel Client, please read video teaching and our online help file.

Previous Close Instruction

* If you think you’ve done everything right and still cannot connect. Check again or contact us for support.


Inside projects or groups, use @mentions to call for the attention of certain members.
After deciding the screen clipping area, you can even add text or simple shapes to it.
Copy text or pictures, right-click the input box and select “Paste quote” to let everyone know you are quoting from other sources.