Is Your Data Safe? Think Twice.

When choosing an instant messaging software, you may find your choices very limited in the way that they all encourage you to store data in their servers.
Such is a common practice, nevertheless, as billions of netizens rely on similar services. However, when it comes to the sensitive data that your business generates, are you still confident it will never go wrong? Teampel is the answer. We offer a DIY solution and let you take back the liberty of deploying your own way.

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Server-Client Architecture

Teampel has two types of installers, the Server and the Client. Simply put, Server should be installed on a machine intended to be a server, e.g. your corporate server farm, a cloud service provider like AWS or Google, or even a laptop. Client, meanwhile, should be installed on computers and mobile devices.

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The free version of Teampel consists of TP Server Lite for Windows and TP Client, which makes it easy to install and evaluate the software on one single computer.

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Create Your Private Cloud

One of Teampel’s biggest strengths is the ability to let you build your own intranet cloud within the enterprise network, keeping internal data off the Internet. External members are required to use VPN for access.

* Active Directory data import supported

Run Teampel on Public Cloud

As an option, you may also deploy Teampel on a public cloud service, such as AWS, Azure or Google Cloud Platform. This way, you only need network connection to use Teampel wherever you are.

* Active Directory data import supported

Cross-platform Support

Teampel Server can be run on Windows and Linux system, while Teampel Client has desktop and mobile apps across Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android, giving you a consistent user experience on different systems.

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Do you want to integrate Teampel’s instant messaging or projects/tasks into your existing systems? Not sure which way to deploy? Ask now and get answers.

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