Teampel: Propel Your Team

This smart, easy-to-use software is all you need.

Founded in 1989, ZEON at first developed electronic publishing and printing solutions, and switched to PDF technology in 1993. In 2005, we established a new team and ventured upon business collaboration software. After years of evolution and a brand change, Teampel is now a smart, compact solution widely used by businesses that seek to improve teamwork quickly without having to do too much. Now, let’s join the community of Teamplars and get working!



The 16th Taiwan Quality Assurance Golden Award

ZEON received the Taiwan Quality Assurance Golden Award issued by ICET in recognition of our high-quality software products.



Tech Trend Gold Award

Teampel wins the Tech Trend Gold Award hosted by PChome,
one of the largest domestic media groups.



Innovative Elite Top 100

Teampel celebrates the win at ICT Month’s Innovative Elite,
one of the country’s premier tech awards, from a pool of 500 products.



The Mobile Era

We publish both Android and iOS TP apps on Play Store and App Store.
Teamplars can finally stay connected on the go.



Computex 2014

Teampel beta is on display at Computex 2014.



The Refinement

We begin to renovate Gaaiho Go and produce a more streamlined,
user-friendly version of it, which we call Teampel.



A New Home

We leave the old office near a noisy airport and move to a new location
that has a department store,a Carrefour and a MRT station in the vicinity
(to the joy of all folks).



Gaaiho Go Online

After years of hard work and the completion of server farm,
Gaaiho Go is released. It’s also Teampel’s predecessor.



IDC Ready

In order to service customers worldwide, we fly to San Jose and
deploy our physical server farm in a data center. It isn’t exaggerating to say
that we raise it up from scratch with bare hands (over 160 servers!).



Birth of Gaaiho

ZEON sets up a new team and begins to develop business collaboration software,
codenamed M1. The intriguing brand name “Gaaiho” shows up around this time as well.
Here is the


Gaaiho, pronounced ga-aye-ho (for native speakers, na-aye-ho), means “hello” in the language of Amis, one of the major indigenous peoples in Taiwan. In early 70s, T.C. TUNG, the founder of ZEON, paid an unforgettable visit to the Hualien County (a rural, mountainous region east of Taiwan) for his college graduation project. There, a chance encounter sparked a long-lasting friendship with an Amis person.

Deeply moved by the hospitality showed by the Amis people, T.C. would continue to visit his friends and this beautiful land over and over again in his life. In 2005, during one of those road trips with family, T.C. happened to see a board sign listing the proper ways to greet the indigenous peoples, and “gaaiho” immediately caught his eyes. Remember the good times he had with his Amis friends, he soon decided to name the new brand after that word.

Gaaiho (hello), world!



The R&D Center

ZEON establishes the R&D center in Beijing (back then, Peking), China.
That was when millions of bicycles still ruled the streets.


The Founding

ZEON is founded in Taipei, Taiwan, by T.C. Here the journey begins.