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Teampel Free

USD$ 0
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Max. 10 members

Max. 10 projects

Database: SQLite

Email support services

Linux not supported


USD$ 799 / 25 people / year

Unlimited projects

Supported Database: SQLite, MySQL and SQL Server

Teampel Server supports Linux

Support and services

  • Priority technical email support
  • Multiple support channels (phone & remote session)
  • Customization Consulting services

Custom software development

We could develop a custom edition of Teampel for your organization.



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Is Teampel free?

You can use Teampel Free version for good under 10 members and 10 projects.

How do I upgrade to Teampel Enterprise?

First, contact our sales team to purchase a license file. Second, sign in to Teampel's management system and find the "Import license file" button at the bottom of the main page. Third, click the button to upload the license file.

How do I install Teampel?

To learn how to install, use the Installation Guide for Teampel Free, or refer to the Teampel Server’s online help.

How to add more members to my team on Teampel?

Teampel’s licensing offers several levels which have different user caps. If you would like to add members that exceed your license, please contact us to get a new license file.

Is Teampel safe?

Teampel’s data transmission is secured with SSL/TLS encryption and end-to-end communications security. Since we envision Teampel as a DIY solution, we do not operate any server-based service; in other words, your data and information will be stored in the location you specified, e.g. your corporate servers or designated public cloud space, instead of conventional vendor-hosted servers. Public cloud service providers such as AWS or Microsoft Azure usually adopt multiple security measures and strategies to ensure information security, for example: If you wish to host Teampel yourself, be advised that you may have to implement security measures for your own safety.

Do you offer discount for educators and nonprofit organizations?

We value the role of education and nonprofit in our society. If you think you are eligible, please contact us and note the organization you belong to.

Does Teampel have a web app?

We don’t have a web-based app for now, but it’s in our plans.

Are there restrictions on user number and file transfer?

Teampel Free has the 10-user and 10-project cap, while Teampel Enterprise has a user limit dictated by the license you purchase. As for file transferr, each file or folder cannot exceed 1 GB in size, and your server space determintes how much data you can store.

My company has a team of 80 people and buying 100-user license seems wasteful. How do I do?

We understand our licensing matrix may not satisfy every customer. For this, we also provide flexible licensing that can help you worry less about budget. Contact us to learn more!

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