Teampel Solution for Engineering
Let inter-departmental communication and visualized project progress take your engineering to the next level.
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Use Teampel to run your project plan and consolidate teamwork.
Waterfall model

Sort tasks by their dates to know which should be prioritized. Similar to the waterfall model in Microsoft Project, you can use "precedent task" to define the relationship between tasks.

Gantt view

Give team members a panoramic view of the start time and deadline of each task and its detailed information.

Task Leader

Select task leader and participants, letting them know their responsibilities.

Progress monitoring
Track progress on each project for better responsiveness to changes.
Project dashboard

Empower supervisors at all levels and project members to view the status of each project, and then detect delays and respond quickly.

Task reminder

Alert members to the start of a task.

Planned and actual time

Set the planned time for a project to show the difference between planned and actual time.

Cross-division coordination
Make project management better by effective communication.
Instant messaging

Teampel is not only a cross-division communication platform connecting members from different role, positions and departments, but can also create guest accounts for external parties.

Meeting on the go

With a mobile phone, tablet or computer, you can start a video conference anytime, anywhere. (A Zoom plan is required)

File management
Never miss a file.
File sharing

Through file sharing features, all project members are able to transfer documents and attachments in an instant.

Project-based file management

Files are separated by projects, meaning a member can only access the files of the projects that they are a part of.

File access permissions

Change the visibility settings of a file so that only selected project memebrs will see it.

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