Teampel Solution for Market Planning
Boost cross-division synergy
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Event planning and execution
Plan ahead and start assigning tasks to people.
Task details

Clear-at-a-glance task information: leader, participants, description, start time, deadline, history and relevant attachments.

Gantt view

Give team members a panoramic view of the start time and deadline of each task and its detailed information.

Get the information you need from every channel.
Collaborative approach

Once a collective goal is set, use Teampel's project management to connect multiple divisions, such as product, marketing, sales and public relations.

Share the resources

Instead of keeping marketing resources to each product team or division, share the assets, ideas and templates so that other people can benefit from them.

Cross-regional synergy

Link teams and divisions in different regions together to coordinate large-scale marketing campaigns.

Instant feedback

Real-time messaging and file sharing make vital information clear to all members, keeping them all on the same page.

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