Teampel features


Secure messaging

Messaging and data exchange restricted to internal staff
Data protected by SSL / TLS encryption
Keep track of every chat and action

Separating work & private uses

Unify work communication with Teampel

Keep work contacts away from your private network
Use specialized Guest accounts for external communication
Avoid sending sentitive information to unintended recipients


Always within reach

Stay connected everywhere with Teampel app
Enhance communicationwith video and whiteboard features (powered by Zoom)
Conduct polls and announce important information among selected members

Working on a Project

Plan ahead. Complete goals

Assign tasks to project members for better teamwork
Monitor work status and respond quickly
Find information buried in history with Teampel's powerful search feature

Document management

Make documents organized

Share files and folder at a click
Use Visibility Settings on project files so that only designated members can view them
Project-based file storage that make version control simple

Monitor progress

Understand how much progress is made by visualized tracking

Project Dashboard Project/Member performance at a glance
Gantt chart Track project progress
Calendar Schedule of statistical control work
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Our Customers

CviLux Group



FDS, Taichung City


Jun-He Technology



China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation

Customer spotlight

Let's see how Cvilux Group writes a new chapter in enterprise communication with Teampel.

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