The Teampel advantages

What makes Teampel stand out is the unusual combination of instant messaging, project management and the option to deploy an on-premises private cloud for your business.

Take control of your data

Teampel can be deployed on premises, meaning 100% control over your data and assets, mitigating the risks inherent in environment of mixed communication channels.

Make teamwork better

It all comes down to the speed of knowing what's going on and making a response. IM and project management aside, Teampel provides project-based document management, powerful search, and also works on desktop, phones or tablets, keeping you posted about the latest updates at anytime, anywhere.

Expertly manage your work

Get a panoramic, visualized view of your tasks with Dashboard, Gantt chart or Calendar, making every project members alert to changes and able to adapt quickly.

Our Customers

CviLux Group



FDS, Taichung City


Jun-He Technology



China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation

Customer spotlight

Let's see how Cvilux Group writes a new chapter in enterprise communication with Teampel.

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