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Document management
Can I upload an entire folder directly?
Yes! You can upload the folder by dragging it or going to "Upload" > "Upload folder".
Can I upload photos, videos, zip files or other types of files?
You can send any type of files and documents to your partner in the conversation, or upload to share any type of files and documents to the project document folder.
Is there a capacity limit for uploaded files?
Your Teampel administrator can set a capacity for the size of a single file uploaded and sent. If the file exceeds the limit, a prompt will appear. To modify the capacity limit, please contact your Te...
Are the files in the project document folder safe? Would other members delete them by mistake?
Don't worry. Only the file uploader, the project leader, and the administrator can delete the files in the project document folder. Other members will not be able to delete the files of yours or other...
Can I restrict only the specified members to see the files I uploaded (visibility settings)?
You can use "Visibility settings" of the files and only the specified members can see them. Do as follows: 1. In "Document", right-click the file you uploaded, click "Visibility settings"; 2. Check ...
Can I restric the permissions to upload/download/view files for project members?
The project leader and administrator can use "Permission settings" to restrict the permissions to download, upload and view files for the project members: 1. Edit: a default permission allowing all e...
Why can't I send or receive personal files or upload documents?
Don't worry. You may not have the permission to "Send and receive personal files" or "Upload file". Please contact your Teampel administrator to add the permission for you.
How can I view photos in thumbnail mode?
When viewing the image files in "thumbnail" mode, you can view the photo/image files directly as photo album without downloading them: