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Teampel API settings
How to use the embedded API testing tool without any coding skills?
You will be able to test Teampel's API functions with our embedded API testing tool even without any coding knowledge!  Connect your company’s or teams existing system to Teampel through APIs to bu...
How can I enable "HTTPS" to transfer data?
To transfer data using "HTTPS", please sign in to Teampel Management System > "Security" > "Web API] > Check "Enable https" > "Save" and restart Teampel service. See "How can I start/stop Teampel serv...
How can I set up a "Whitelist" to restrict specific IP addresses from connecting to Teampel Server?
To add a "White list" IP, sign in to Teampel Management System > "Security" > "Web API" > and enter the IP address in the text field > "Save". Use ";" to separate multiple IP entries. If "White lis...
How can I generate a API Key for Teampel?
To apply the API Key, sign in to Teampel Management System and go to "Security" > "Web API"; check "Generate API Key" and click "Save" button to generate an API Key. To cancel the application, uncheck...
Where can I find the developer’s API documents?
If you are a Pro Subscription user, please contact us at for API documents! Api api

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