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Teampel API settings
How can I enable "HTTPS" to transfer data?
To transfer data using "HTTPS", please sign in to Teampel Management System > "Security" > "Web API] > Check "Enable https" > "Save" and restart Teampel service. See "How can I start/stop Teampel serv...
How can I set up a "Whitelist" to restrict specific IP addresses from connecting to Teampel Server?
To add a "White list" IP, sign in to Teampel Management System > "Security" > "Web API" > and enter the IP address in the text field > "Save". Use ";" to separate multiple IP entries. Api api
How can I generate a API Key for Teampel?
To apply the API Key, sign in to Teampel Management System and go to "Security" > "Web API"; check "Generate API Key" and click "Save" button to generate an API Key. To cancel the application, uncheck...
Where can I find the developer’s API documents?
If you are a Pro Subscription user, please contact us at for API documents! Api api

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