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How to use the embedded API testing tool without any coding skills?

You will be able to test Teampel's API functions with our embedded API testing tool even without any coding knowledge! 

Connect your company’s or teams existing system to Teampel through APIs to build customized user scenarios: connecting SIEM, ERP, CRM, Email, automated report system, etc.  

  1. Entering API testing page:
    Startup Teampel Server Service,open your internet browser (chrome preferred), enter [your TP server IP]:35002/test/ , choose a language setting(CHS(simplified Chinese)、CHT(Traditional Chinese)、ENG):

  2. Get your Teampel API Key
    Login to “Teampel Management System”> “Security” > “Web API”, copy API Key;
  3. Paste your API Key to start testing!
  • Ex. 1send personal chat messages
    Input  “account”, “message”, “sender (optional,admin by default) > “send”. The designated account will receive the message from admin:

  • Ex. 2: Send pictures to personal chat
    This time, since we input a “sender”, the picture was sent by the sender:

Other functions are quite similar and self-explanatory. You can try to play around.
However, the settings for “Projects” may be a little different. Below Ex. 3 is an example of creating a task under a project with API:

  • Ex. 3Create a project task
    a. Project ID (you can find Project ID in the “Teampel Management System”  under  “Data” > “Project”;Group ID can also be found under the same location);
    b. You can also just input the date (not include specific time) for task start / end time;

  • Ex. 4Query task info
    a. Task ID (when open a task info on client app, Task ID is shown on the upper left corder)

    Where to find Task ID?

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