Still using emails and free apps for messaging and sending files? Or MS Project and Excel for project management?
You deserve better.
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Manage project files should be easy and straightforward--like Teampel.

All project files in one place

Teampel offers project-based document management tools which allows members to upload, download and organize all files and folders.

This way, when a person is looking for files related to a project, there's only one place they need to go.

Share instantly to everyone

All project members can see the changes made to the files at once, preventing multiple versions of a document from being created.

Set document permissions

With Teampel, you will have the ability to set permissions and share documents with confidence.

PDF conversion bot

You can create PDFs from Word, Excel, PowerPoint, text or image files, with the option of applying a password and watermark directly within Teampel. The bot does not only save you the cost of buying server-grade PDF software, but also enhance security by eliminating the need to access free converter sites.

* This must be purchased separately. Please Contact Sales for details.

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