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Create a space where ideas and all project-related documents are organized. Track progress, updates, and history data with ease.

Project your success

Create a new project, give it a clear name and add members to it—that’s how a project starts. Here, everyone shares a chat room and can send files, documents and pictures, or create a “note” as reminder. Meanwhile, “Updates” lists all the important changes that the project has gone through.

Every step along the way: task

A project relies on the fulfillment of each task to gain progress. Beyond task name, description, leader, participants and deadline, you can also set working hours, reminder, add quotes and notes. All members are required to submit a work log whenever they change the progress, making things transparent and understandable at a glance.

Progress and performance at a glance

Teampel's dashboard feature makes it easy to understand the situation with visualized data coming from a project, a division, or the entire organization. Besides, the management can also benefit from the ability to conduct performance assessment based on project stats.

Your private assistant

Members will be reminded of upcoming and expiring tasks with visualized project stats, helping them set priorities and meet deadlines more easily.

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