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What is the difference between a "Project" and a "Group"?
The "Project" ( ) contains the complete project management features required for project execution, including: conversations (chat, bulletin board and member list), task (viewing and managing all task...
How can I create a "Group"?
1. In Message page, click 1. "+" > 2. "New group"; 2. "Group" > "Create" > "Enter group name:" > "Add group member:" > "OK"; 3. In personal chat, click "Start group chat";
Why can’t I create a group?
Don’t worry. You may not have the permission to create a group. Please contact your Teampel administrator to add the permission for you.
How can I create a “Project”?
In Message page, click 1. “+” > 2. “New project”; In Project page,“Project” > 2. “Create” > 3. “New project” > “Enter project name:” > Select “Scheduled project or “Normal project” > “Add member:” > ...
Why can't I create a project?
Don't worry. You may not have the permission to create a project. Please contact your Teampel administrator to add the permission for you.
How can I add members to an existing "project" or "group"?
In a "project", only the project leader and the administrator can add new members; in a "group", all members can add new members.
How can I leave a project/group?
You can voluntarily leave a project or a group as follows: To leave a "Project" - Click "Project" > Right click the project you want to leave and select "Leave" > "OK". To leave a "Group" – click " ...
How can I "close" a project/group?
If a project/group has ended and your team will no longer use it, you can "close" the project or group as follows (note: once closed, you will not be able to re-open or edit it, but you can view the h...
If a project/group is "closed", can it be reopened?
If a project/group has been "closed" by the leader, only the leader could reopen the project. Also, members can still view its history messages.
How can I send a broadcast message?
The purpose of broadcast is to immediately let all recipients know about important information, such as company policy updates, internal server maintenance notifications, or even the birthday of a col...
Why can't I launch a new broadcast?
Don't worry. You may not have the permission to launch a broadcast. Please contact your Teampel administrator to add the permission for you.
How do I know if a member has read a post?
Any sent message has a read statistic in the lower right corner. For example, (2/8) means that 2 out of 8 members have already read. Move the mouse over the number to see the unread members.
How can I use Teampel screen capture?
Teampel's built-in "Screen capture" feature allows you to use the hotkeys to instantly capture screen images and save or send them to the conversation without installing or opening 3rd party screensho...
How can I hide the current Tempel window while capturing the screen?
Click Down button by Screen capture > Check to hide current window before capturing screen.
How can I set a hotkey to capture the screen?
Set the hotkey to capture screen so to make your work more efficient! Do as follows: Click 1. Personal image in the upper left corner > 2. "Screen capture" > 3. Enter the hotkey.
How can I enable video conferencing
If your organization has enabled video conferencing, the "Video call" or "Meeting" options will appear in Project, Group, and personal caht windows. If you are not sure whether your organization has ...
How can I sign in to my Zoom with password to activate the video conferencing?
If your Teampel administrator has already bundled your Zoom account with your Teampel account, you can sign in to your Zoom account to access the video services in the following ways; you can also bin...
How can I turn my camera on in a conversation and send it immediately?
APP: In any chat group, you can turn your camera on during the conversation and send the photo immediately. In the lower right corner, 1. Tap " +" > "Take photo" > "Use photo".
How can I send instant voice messages?
APP: In any conversation group, you can choose to use instant voice message to save typing time and send messages quickly. Click 1. "Instant voice message" in the bottom left corner> 2. "Press and ho...
What can I do if I can't view/search for historical conversation messages?
If you are a new member or login on a new computer, please sync the history of all conversations or certain conversation group as follows: Sync history 1. Click my profile and select "Local data"....