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How can I copy multiple tasks to another project at once?

There are two ways to copy multiple tasks to another project at a time:

Option 1 Select multiple tasks directly, right click "Copy to new project" ("Progress" and "Date" information not included);

Option 2 Export the tasks and import the .csv file to the new project ("Progress" and "Date" information included)


  1. Option 1:
    1. Select "Task";
    2. Drag (or press Ctrl or Shift) to select multiple "tasks";
    3. Right-click "Copy to new project";
    4. Select the project you want to copy them to > "OK".

  2. Option 2:
    1. Slect "Task" > "Export";
    2. Select export property > Click "OK" to export .csv file;
    3. In the new project, select "Task" > "Import" > Select the .csv file from Step 2.2 > "Start import".

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