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How can I set up a system email address to link to the email service?

Teampel's task reminder feature supports email. If your team uses email reminder for tasks, you should set up a system mailbox responsible for sending emails to the task leader in "Mail service".Require a valid system mailbox which has SMTP enabled.


Set up system mailbox


  1. Select "Service" > "Mail service";
  2. Enter "SMTP server domain name", "Sender mailbox" and "Password" as instructed:
    • SMTP server domain name: You can find the SMTP server domain name by asking your email service provider or network administrator.
    • Sender mailbox: The email address which has been set up, such as
    • Password: The mailbox account and password which have been set up.
  3. Select email language;
  4. To encrypt emails, check "Use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)";
  5. Activate SMTP service on your email;
  6. Click "Save" to finish.


Test email settings


Click "Send test email message" (this address will send an email to itself). Open a mail client and sign in with the email address you created. Receiving the test email message indicates setup success.

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